• MultiNanafan .

    VERY DISAPPOINTED in Trump for not blocking admitting 15,000 more H-1B workers! What the hell?!?!?! After doing this to the Disney high-tech workers, impoverishing perfectly capable AMERICAN workers and forcing them to train the H-1B newcomers? Stop giving our prosperity away! Protest THIS!

    • Anonymous

      Not only that, but he’s using foreign workers and factories for his businesses. He brings in foreign workers and uses foreign workers while preaching “buy American, hire American”.

  • NoWarForPROFIT

    The presidency of Trump is now on ” life support ” !
    If Obamacare remains LAW OF THE LAND then that means ALL other agenda’s that us so-called deplorable wanted will
    be brought forward but always killed at the very last moment !
    Donald will look like he’s trying for our agenda but will always get slapped down at the last minute !
    The fake republicans under the control of the democrats will now attempt a ” war for profit ” ?
    Trump only has the economy left and if he DOESN’T do what they want him to there will be a crash !


    ———————————————————— OBAMA-CARE ———————————————————–

    • TRUMPisBeingBlackmaled

      Exactly……….. invest in Gold and the hell with the economy !
      What’s the point of an economy if it’s support beams and foundation are based on blackmail ?
      SOROS ….A Muslim and his tranny succeeded in blackmailing and they are clicking cocktail glasses with
      Barbra Streisand and her Hollywood gang in celebration !
      How can God bless America when it’s government is as black as hell and smells worse then 1 trillion skunks ?
      If you were God you would bless this corrupt government and sustain it’s phony economy ?

    • Anonymous

      Do you think Trump is faking trying to appease his voters? Or do you think he is legit trying, but the fake conservatives are foiling him?

      • NoWarForPROFIT

        Trump is most likely being BLACKMAILED in the worst possible manner by Chuck Schumers cia buddies ,
        Obama’s lizard thugs and Hillary’s gang of demons …
        Have they threatened the lives of his family if Trump doesn’t do what he wants them to ?
        At the prez debates Hillary said she likes Trumps children ….
        AGAIN…….SHE LIED ……
        think the OPPOSITE of whatever Hillary says …..
        and now using blackmail !

  • Karen Burns

    I am positively LIVID over this H-1B issue! Our highly-skilled AMERICAN workers are being replaced with foreign ones and to add insult-to-injury, the Americans are told to train their replacements! This is dastardly! If these foreign workers are so superior, why do we have to train them? We must vehemently object to this! Please express your rage (politely) by calling the White House commentary line at (202) 456-1111.. and follow it up with an email to President Trump which has a link on the official White House site.

    You might also stop buying and using APPLE products and drop your FACEBOOK account. If all of the Savage listeners did that, we could force President Trump to reverse this position.

    • Paget

      I heartily second Karen Burns’ comments. I, too, am LIVID, as well as APPALLED that not only more H-1B visas will be
      issued, but that the existing 15,000 are allowed to continue. Has Trump already forgotten about the U6 unemployment
      rate? There are 94 million unemployed Americans who would be thrilled to do this type of “SEASONAL” work . . . and
      when all of them were gainfully employed, their children would be thrilled to once again live the American dream and
      get a burger-flipping or car-washing or baby-sitting job for the summer.
      And good on you, Karen, for also chastising people for buying Apple products or using Facebook. They’re only funding

      • Karen Burns

        Thanks, Paget! Apple’s Tim Cook and Facebook’s Mark Zukerberg are rabid leftists who use their money to advance more liberal political and social agenda and have access to our elected leaders, which we do not have. I’ll add Amazon’s Jeff Bezos to the group! He’s buying up everything in sight and his goal is to put many much-needed firms out of business so that he will benefit even more financially than he already has. I used to purchase items from Amazon, but not that often. Now, I won’t even do that.

        I have contacted most of my relatives and friends worldwide explaining what is going on and asking them to refrain from supporting these “entrepreneurs.” I’m getting responses now and they are positive.

        • Jose Gomez

          Isn’t it nice that Tim Cook manufactures his I-phones over seas so that he is able to make a “profit”?

          Apples’ balance sheet now shows a cash balance of 1/4 TRILLION DOLLARS – yes, that’s with a T,

          Heaven forbid if Tim Cook had to manufacture anything in America and pay American wages for his labor!!!!

  • Julio Hidalgo

    listen it’s not just those jobs I can tell you it really makes me mad, cuz I’m a new recent graduate I need a job WHAT HAPPENED TO AMERICA FIRST! the most important part is not having Hilary in court like he promised that’s the first nail to hit WHY? WITH THAT ONE NAIL WASHINGTON WILL FALL THAT LADY HAS NAMES CONNECTTIONS SHE NEEDS HER DAY IN COURT LET THE JURY DECIDE WITHOUT ACCOUNTABILITY NO MATTER HOW GOOD TRUMP MAKES AMERICA IT WILL FALL WITH NO ACCOUNTABILITY MARK MY WORDS.

  • Tommal Tommal

    On Dr. Savages radio show today (7/17/17) he was discussing the lack of vocational schools, trade schools etc. There is an excellent book written maybe 5-7 (or more) years ago titled “Shop Class as Soul Craft” about the demise of vocational schools, the authors research into what occurred over a few decades and change in focus to “high tech” training.

  • Tommal Tommal

    Today (7/17/17) Dr. Savage was talking about the economy. So, why isn’t anyone really talking about the effects of Quantitative Easing (QE1 and QE2) and the massive Treasury buy of stocks to keep the economy for so many years until recently. How many companies were supported (i.e. their stock value supported) by QE1 or 2 and now that’s unraveling. What’s it something like over 5,000 retail stores failed or closed so far this year alone? On pace with the start of “great recession”. And how many other sectors hit hard, the rate of economic growth lowered from 3% expectation to 2%, consumer confidence index at approx. 93 % etc etc.

    And still, most focus remains on “politics” like the scandal of the hour, or legal or legislative maneuvers, yet nothing really discussed or done about the economy faltering. Whatever distraction that can be thrown up in the moment to take attention away from the failing economy.

    It couldn’t be as simple as “retaliation against the deplorables” right? Dr. Savage was right-on today when he was discussing that people may be largely disconnected by now, worn out, from all that’s occurred, one thing after another.

    Maybe that’s the aim of all this, to “teach us a lesson” and right Dr. Savage is again when he said the next election will be an “experienced politician” that will be spoon fed to the masses whom may likely by then breath a sigh of relief of a return to so-called normalcy and thus go back to sleep.

    I for one sure hope not, always the optimist! Hopefully everyone will see through the smoke and mirrors soon!

    • Anonymous

      The way for Trump to avoid that is to come through on his promises. Adding visa workers, blathering about “supply chains” forcing him to not buy American or hire American in his companies, raising spending, raising taxes, letting Obamacare stand, not building the wall – those will result in a loss for Trump. If he doesn’t keep his promises, then it doesn’t matter.

  • Hollister Morgan
  • americannomore

    Hate to say but why is anyone surprised Trump is ok with foreign labor? His company has been using cheap foreign labor for years. Trump must be completely ignorant of history if he thinks he can sustain these diversion tactics for four years. People are hurting! American careers and lives have been destroyed. A record number are even committing suicide because they can’t find work and the DC cabal doesn’t care. How much of that illegal drug use the AG is going after is caused by people that gave up on the dream because they can’t make a decent living anymore? What about those shuttered factories and businesses Trump always went on about while running for office? Did they just go away all of a sudden? Why did Trump have a conference with tech bosses instead of meeting the Eddies and Ediths of America that have been displaced by cheap labor? So sick of all these elitist sell outs. Every time I hear ‘we don’t have enough workers’ I just hear a bunch of rich people crying and whining because they can’t find anyone to cook or clean their house or mow the yard.
    Let me tell you people voted for one thing in 2016, American nationalism. We did not vote for Trump. If Trump turns his back on American nationalism he turns his back on the people and we the people will do have a country anymore. We the people will not continue supporting a government that refuses to serve the citizens of this country.

    • Neo Marcist

      It’s been six months and Trump has been distracted having to defend himself against fraudulent attempts at impeachment. The liberal democrat progressive neo-marxists and fake news media cartel have been obstructive to Trump and negatively spin everything he attempts to accomplish. We also have the failed leadership of Paul Ryan and Glen McConnel, both incapable of building consensus in the party and both of whom should step down.

      I am not giving up yet. I certainly can’t blame President Trump this early on. It’s amazing he’s been able to survive the all-out attack from the fraudulent news media and even members of his own party. Anyone else would have folded by now. And something about government not accomplishing anything is preferential to government actually getting things done, which usually means they are eroding our freedoms and advancing collectivist policies. I’d be happy if government was in gridlock the next 20 years. Rather than pass new laws, I’d be happy if they consistently repealed bad ones.

  • Mac Miles

    This swamp is devouring not only Washington but all of America as well. May God help us deplorables.

  • Johnny West
  • StopThrowingStonesAtTrump

    A bull bully walked into the porcelain shop of many exquisite items and SMASHED everything to pieces.
    We are trying to HOPE that the smashed fragments can be put back together . ( AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN UNTIL 100 YEARS )
    The fine porcelain shop is THE U.S.A.
    The BULL bully Muslim made an INTENTIONAL MESS for the next president ( TRUMP )

    Trump can only do so much and I expect an ONLY 9 % voting agenda from him because of the MESS he was left !





    • R.J.Macero

      That is a very good point, the weak Republican Party needs to get it together. Never give up on Trump , he knows its time to get these weak , spineless Republicans on board …

  • John Kleinsmith

    I published results of three five years of graduate research into how to re-establish apprenticeship in U.S. secondary schools; the on-site research was conducted in Switzerland with ABB, MicroSwiss, the Swiss National Office of Labor (BIGA), the technical college at Brugg Windisch and several secondary schools (CIM schools). This work was supported, in writing, by the Swiss Counsel General, two of the world’s leading skills certification foundations and was to be completely funded by grants (gifts) from the National Science Foundation. I conducted this research after completing a BS in Computer Engineering, serving in the United States Air Force in EI, and gaining seven years of practical expertise working as a Computer Systems Engineer. Before I was able to defend my degree, the research was attacked, I was blackballed and blocked and the project (“Project Gelegenheit”) was stopped cold.
    The research project was grounded in over 100 years of empirical success within the world’s most successful educational system in the nation which enjoys the highest standard of living because of their educational system.
    I know of many others who have attempted to extend authentic professional development opportunities for U.S. youth and have faced the same attacks – this is why rulers now bring foreigners to take jobs while our young people are given “student loan” payment books and directed to fast-food restaurants and “dollar stores”.
    Our educational system, in my opinion, is broken not because our young people are lazy or have a poor work ethic. Our educational system is broken because those who rule secondary (high school) and tertiary (college) forbid our high schools from returning to teaching meaningful career skills (as was envisioned by the Smith Hughes Act which initially directed funding for high schools in 1915). Take a look at how much the private corporations are making off of “student loans” while foreigners flood in to take the high-paying jobs and displace our kids. In working to develop promising careers for high school students, I have encountered hundreds of dedicated teachers and administrators whose hands are tied. That is my perspective from over 20 years first-hand experience.

    • Jose Gomez

      and it gets worse. Schools aren’t the only jackals doing this. ESPN sports network had a story awhile back on major league baseball teams sending coaches to Hispanic countries to set up baseball training camps for their kids. “Training” includes taking a kid at about age 10, coaching him at least 4 hours a day, buying the kid food and clothes, then buying the kid’s family food and clothes so they don’t get angry, buying all of the kid’s uniforms and baseball equipment, including vitamins and then probably PED’s as well, then after doing this for 10 years, they ship the kid to America to play pro ball (taking a job away from a citizen).
      See any major league coaches at American schools coaching our kids – thereby giving them job training? Of course not.
      Wonder why there are so many baseball players today that can’t speak English – now you know why.
      Will Americans someday stop going to ball games when at some point 90% of the players don’t speak English – I hope so.
      Owners of pro sport teams can belong to the new world order just like CEO’s in other industries – all part of their plan to transform America into a cesspool.

      • Neo Marcist

        I loved baseball as a kid. But as I get older and older, I have less respect for professional athletes. Sports just don’t mean as much to me anymore. Who wins the championship one year to the next is forgettable. The athletes are overpaid. Whether it’s basketball players wearing hoodies for Trayvon or forcing an NBA owner to sell his team because he doesn’t want his girlfriend sleeping with HIV Magic Johnson, or NFL players who won’t stand for the anthem, I don’t care about any of ’em anymore. It’s mindless entertainment when we need an escape. But in this competitive world I can’t afford to spend much time being mindless. The athletes get paid millions of dollars for bouncing and throwing balls around and want to cry about how mean and racist America is when they’d be swatting mosquitoes for a living in any other country.

    • Keith Rosen

      The people who run America are dead set on subjugating our population and destroying our way of life. Trump said he would drain the swamp. Start hear *** Mr Trump and bring the American people together and use the full force of our population to clear out our internal enemies.

  • Blinky Doolittle

    Iran is fighting ISIS with Russia and the secular government of Assad, which has Sunni Shia and Christian representation. What’s happening in Syria is not a civil war, it’s an invasion by radical Islamists. I’m not a true believer either, but I can’t believe Trump doesn’t see this.

  • kookooracharabioso

    VA home health care ending due to lack of funds & nobody is talking about it?

  • TrumpsSecretHeart

    We must act like it is the eve of the election between Trump and the Witch !
    NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS……..Don’t throw Trump under the bus !
    The democrats and fake republicans have hired TOP TOP TOP PSYCHIATRISTS to lead them
    on how to effectively disappoint and thus have all so-called Trump voters GIVE UP hope
    and throw Trump under the bus !
    If you were North Korea or ISIS wouldn’t you just sit back and wait for the dems and repubs
    to annihilate Trump ?
    WAIT AND PRAY that God throws a banana skin under all their evil feet !
    TRUST that God has a trick up his sleeve and that it is God who chose Trump as president
    and not Hillary .
    When / if disaster befalls America then we will be glad we DIDN’T THROW TRUMP UNDER THE BUS …

  • Fred Whitney

    Regarding Trump re-certification- Interesting article in National shows how Obama deal tied Trump’s hands. See ‘Iran deal swindle’. Obama deal was really,really a bad one.

  • Neo Marcist

    Dr. Savage was the first person in the media I heard who was calling out George Soros as a financier to the liberal democrat progressive neo-marxist criminal movement. Savage was calling out Soros 10 years ago. Now Soros’ name pops up in articles all over the place and he’s frequently linked to and exposed as financing Democrat Neo-Marxist operations under multiple subsidiaries and cardboard box stand organizations. Dr. Savage was ahead of his time.

    Despite doing a radio show five days a week, writing multiple best selling books, and having to research news and politics daily, Dr. Savage somehow keeps an ear to the street, gets out in the open and meets people, and finds the news stories everyone else overlooked. He has the vigor of someone half his age.

    Lately Savage has sounded almost at wit’s end. We have a Republican as president, Republican majorities in both chambers of Congress, and it still feels like we are the minority. How was Obama able to denigrate the country so much without having majorities in both chambers of Congress for 6 out of 8 years? Yet when Republicans do have majorities they can’t reach any consensus because some are more purist than others. If all it takes is one activist judge in a dirty robe to block an executive order, then where were the conservative judges during Obama’s reign of terror?

    I appreciate that Dr. Savage is not an apologist for President Trump. Listening to the show lately has been frustrating. It’s no wonder some people just tune to a music station to escape. Thought it’s hard to even find a good music station these days.

    • greekfire

      Very nice comment. The question you ask is critical to understanding the current dis-function. “How was Obama able to denigrate the country…?” Answer: Clinton + Obama became lost among the nations, like something no one wants, for having made approaches to foreign powers. By renting these foreign powers as lovers the Clinton + Obama has offered this country up as a whore and this urge to go whoring has led them, all of them meaning congress, the judiciary, and the executive branches, astray.

    • meridian

      Problem is he is at least 10 years ahead of everybody and what is coming is a total disaster. He is out of sync because most people are still locked in the denial stage. They still think Trump is some kind of conservative messiah. They go around parroting ‘constitution’ and ‘founding fathers’ at everybody like it still means anything, or they are still playing the red team vs. blue team game thinking everybody in DC still listens or cares what they say. Savage is way past all of that. I think he understands where this is headed. Thing is you have to keep things somewhat civil on the radio.

  • Jskyypilot

    Ref: Term Limits Now
    What President Trump must do to get things done in Washington is:
    Put forth that each member of Congress must vote yes or no to implement term limits.
    2 terms for Senate, 12 yrs., 3 terms for House, 6 yrs.
    Then after the vote, publish the results to the American people.
    Lets us have the government that the founders intended we have.

  • LEE

    Re: the woman who was murdered by police

    Where is the person who was
    getting attacked in the alley ? Did they just disappear?
    I don’t understand this ?

  • ah….

    re:UBI-Zuck’s universal basic income……1st. there needs to be a universal basic TAX on the silicon pirates! (and make it retroactive to the last time they actually paid without a foreign Dutch Irish TAX DODGE.

  • Anonymous

    One source posits that Mohamen Noor recently swore allegiance to al Shabaab and that his motive for shooting was enforcing Shariah law, given that Ms. Damon was in her pajamas and not shariah compliant. Rather than looking at the event itself, hopefully investigators will seek to verify or rule out this hypothesis.

  • Kbtags

    Dr Savage… you were right about Senator McCain being insane! Hospital confirms he has brain tumor.
    That explains everything!

  • Kbtags

    Senator McCain has brain tumor. Dr Savage that confirms you were right about McCain’s mental state!

  • Mac Miles

    Sorry for anyone with cancer regardless of political views but the left will use this to the ultimate obstruction on Trump. I don’t wish something like this on McCain, I would have rather he stepped down down in good health. Savage as has been said earlier in this thread you were right on as far as McCain and his mental health. Listening to Dr. Savage today I hope Trump was listening to. This vial leftist radical NWO anti white scum must be stopped. I prey the Eddie’s and Ediths will get angry and make everything right for our country. AMERICA.

  • MrPanetela

    Drudge links to story; Game of throne creators to screen-write an Alternative Civil war America.
    things to keep in mind
    Republican party created in order to prevent the spread of slavery into the new states and territories.
    Democrat party founded in 1829. Fought every battle against civil rights right up to the day Kennedy Died.
    Their obstruction lead to the Civil War. And thereafter. They invented the KKK. They invented discrimination. They invented segregation. And much much more. They even push abortion and welfare, which is mainly aimed at black folks.
    I will only need to see the very first episode to determine the political affiliation of these HBO creators. The odds are in favor of the Democrat, as many are pro dem. It may be an attempt to rewrite Democrat Party dark history.